Los Angeles Southwest College

Project Type
Public Space
Client Type
Los Angeles

Los Angeles Southwest College has a mission of engagement with the community. This means opening the campus to visitors who may be unfamiliar with the campus layout and its amenities. Currently, the campus suffers from unclear circulation, and a lack of signage. This project will provide new wayfinding, information and identity signage at key areas of the LASC campus. The signs included in this project will help remedy some of the wayfinding deficiencies on campus and help establish a sense of campus identity.
The LSA team, including Newsom Gonzalez graphic design, ran multiple meetings with campus user groups and LACCD to establish the project goals and document potential design solutions. The areas of work on this project include the main campus entries on Western Avenue and Imperial Highway as well as the replacement of a tall sign at the corner of campus where Western and Imperial intersect. New directional kiosks with digital maps and campus identity elements will be positioned in key pedestrian areas of campus. These, along with new analog maps, directional signs, and sculptural campus ‘icons’, will make wayfinding on campus easier and will help establish campus identity.