Steven House

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Encino, CA
Izumi Tanaka


The clients came to the architects as they were house hunting, to help track down a house to transform into their vision of “modern California, with a touch of Texas”.

A graphic designer and a writer, the creative couple had great vision and could see past the original house’s cottage cheese ceilings, heavy shutters and overgrown landscape. No new square footage was needed, but the inside was gutted to relocate the kitchen from the front of the house to the rear, allowing it to connect to the yard and swimming pool. The remaining public spaces flow openly, yet maintain “nooks” to give some separation to hide the mess when needed. It’s open plan, but PRACTICAL open plan for a family with two toddlers.

This was one of the most collaborative projects the architects had undertaken, fostered by a shared vision for the final result and copious use of Pinterest boards. They bonded over their love of Heath Tile, wallpaper, the band Wilco, and anything hot pink. Marc and 3 –year old Sadie in particular bonded over their shared love of the Beatles.

Toni Lewis, AIA, LEED AP in Los Angeles, CA on Houzz