Public bikes

L/Sa has purchased two Public bikes.  They are simple, upright, 1-speeds.  We will not be speeding, but we will get there.  We added racks and bells and a basket that is big enough to bring back lunch from the Japanese market.  Mitch Bloch provided u-locks and cables from the Warehouse.  The bikes hang on hooks in the workshop ready for anyone to take them out for a spin.

The new Expo Line station is minutes away and can take a bike and its rider across the city.  The bike path that parallels (almost) the train line goes all the way to the beach or can connect us with Culver City and points East.  I’ve biked to the post office (4 minutes), the bank and Whole Foods (7 minutes).  Building and Safety is an 8 minute ride from the office.  To bad that the job is finished – we could have hopped the train to the 26th Street station or used the path for our Tuesday morning site meetings.

Ciclavia teaches us to see the city with fresh eyes from the perfect speed and perspective of the bike.

Faster than a walk, slower than a train, often slightly higher than a person.


It also teaches us to occupy and enjoy the City’s ‘public’ spaces, even when they may have been designed for alternate purposes (and maybe ask questions later).

Required reading – by the way – David Byrne’s Bicycle Dairies.   A beautiful hard cover almost pocket-sized book describing Byrne’s biking experiences around the globe, taking his fold-up bike with him and exploring cities between openings, conferences and concert dates.  Bonus:  Byrne’s designs for bike racks in NYC, various 2-dimensional outline shapes perfect for u-locking your bike, specific to NYC’s neighborhoods.

Drop by for a ride!

Public bikes


Want one? Here you go:   Public Bikes