UCLA Marine Aquatic Center

new project, and nominee for best job site visits….

Excited to be working with UCLA to renovate the Marine Aquatic Center (MAC)! The project will upgrade the building structure, accessibility, and selected materials in a phased construction that allows operations to continue during construction.

The MAC is a vibrant waterfront recreation facility that houses the UCLA Men’s and Women’s Rowing Teams, the UCLA Sailing Team, the MAC Junior Rowing Team, and youth boating programs. It also offers a multitude of programs in sailing, rowing, windsurfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and surfing.

The History of the MAC, per UCLA: The UCLA Marina Aquatic Center, formerly referred to as the “UCLA Boating and Safety Education Program,” was created in 1977 through a grant from the California Department of Navigation and Ocean Development for the purpose of providing boating safety and education at UCLA and in the Southern California area. For the first fourteen years of operation, the Marina Aquatic Center (MAC) operated instructional sailing and windsurfing programs as part of the University’s Department of Cultural and Recreational Activities (CRA). In 1991 the Department took over operation of the adjacent crew boathouse and subsequently added recreational rowing, kayaking, and surfing to its roster of activities. As part of a department wide expansion, the Center began offering youth boating in 1994, effectively exposing a new and important segment of the Southern California community to the concepts of water and boating safety. Due to the rapid rise in popularity of stand up paddling, and the Coast Guard’s decision to regard SUP boards as vessels, the Marina Aquatic Center made the decision to add a Stand Up Paddling clinic to its schedule in 2011.